liberty pebbles

liberty pebbles by LolaJazzQuilts
liberty pebbles, a photo by LolaJazzQuilts on Flickr.

Absolutely loved hand stitching this pebble design of Liberty fabrics. Two designs were made whilst flying in the skies to Melbourne. LolaJazz & Co are on holidays and looking forward to all the delights Melbourne and beyond have in store.

Plane trip project

When taking to the skies these days I love bringing along a small project I can keep in my bag. The last two trips have been part of the Liberty Scrap Challenge with Nova.

My latest trip was doodling Liberty pebbles on Robert Kaufman’s quilter’s linen. I ended up making two on this flight. Discussion with my new found friend Maddie who sat next to me was whether to keep them on the embroidery hoop and hang them on the wall or turn them into mini quilts with a liberty pieced border….we shall have to stay tuned on that one until we are back home.

As for my images, I’ll be trying out a mobile way to send them via my iPhone while on holidays…let’s wait and see if it works….unfortunately my iPad won’t let me upload my photostream images into WordPress. Be sure to give me a buzz if you know how :)

Melissa, x


sewing machine has a liberty cover…

After many many years my darling Bernina has her own pretty cover.

I loved the Liberty Scrap Challenge droplets for February and knew straight away that it would be something I’d love to look at everyday. What better way than a cover for my machine.

The pretty florals and patterns stand out beautifully against Robert Kaufman’s Quilter’s Linen in Charcoal which I bought from Fabricworm here, although it looks navy in the photo it is a dark charcoal. The ‘linen’ look is so lovely and gives a wonderful texture to the fabric. So pleased with the results.

I also got to use my Perle 5 cotton to do a running stitch with some added sequins and beads to give a bit of sparkle to my rain droplets.

I adapted the sewing machine pattern I bought from Bloom {and have been eyeing off making for sometime} and used Nova’s Liberty Scrap challenge on the front and back of my machine cover. Come along and join the Liberty challenge…It’s fun and a lovely way to play with scraps of fabric and try a new idea. A new one for March is coming soon.

Thanks Nova for the inspiration. My sewing machine and studio thank you for prettying it up!

Thanks Roslyn for a great pattern…my machine will now stay a little less dust free as I will be inspired to cover her up each day :)

Melissa, x










































































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