tweet, tweet…

I so love hand sewing. I found these little gems over at Myrtle and Eunice and have been dying to make them.

I now have a whole hen house in beautiful bright colours. I love the little french knots on their wings.

Had an attempt at felting my wool but not sure how successful I was. I think I will weave some perle cottons through the baskets to stabilise them a bit more. I found a link with instructions on how to felt and the kids were all doing it, so how hard could it be really????

Melissa x



leaf buntings…

So exciting. I love love love making something new. These are all sewn up and wrapped up on card to sell by the metre, in a new and upcoming market. Watch this space!

I could just eat them….they look so divine all bundled up.



light and colour

I love how creative my girls are. Every now and then I pick up my old Canon 20D and find some little surprises on the memory card. This week during a big downpour Breanna had taken a series of shots. She can see light so beautifully and often sees patterns and colour recording them on our camera.



So when I came across some gorgeous felt leaves in one of my local supply shops, Bunga Reben, how could I resist a leaf bunting…. Seeing them flapping in the breeze brings a smile to my face.







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