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When in Melbourne recently I walked in to find brand new…not been touched {they still had the one inch paper band stuck around the fabric bolt}…Denyse Schmidt range for the bigger chain stores. What was there?

Daisy Mae

Aunt Eda

Sugar Creek and Winding Road

Picnic Fairground

As I live in a country where most of the fabric I love is all overseas, to have the luxury of choosing some fabrics off a shelf is quite rare. So I went a bit mad! The saleslady was happy, my mother in law was folding fabrics and I was doing laps around the store in case I had missed something…yes totally mad!

Here is about two thirds of my stash all being neatly ironed in readiness for 640 diamond cuts!

Fabrics from Spotlight

























I have been staring at these lovely blues and oranges, with a few greens added in, wondering what I was going to create with them. You know how easy it is to start doing a bit of lovely blog land hopping and suddenly 2 hours have flitted by…? Well on one of those journeys I came across the Arkansas Traveler. There is a lot of talk about foundation paper piecing lately. Fat Quarterly’s current issue no.8 is dedicated to it.

The last time I paper pieced, apart from a few hexies here and there, was back in 2001 for my little girls’ baby quilt. So a need to go back and have a go was building. So when I happened upon the Arkansas Traveler at Freshly Pieced last week I knew I had found my next quilt block. I had a trial run, whipped it up quickly and decided it was a definite!

It was about 35 degrees celcius yesterday, a real stinker as we would call it back home. But I collected my iron, ironed 32 fabrics, jumped into my bathers {swimming costume} and after a quick dip in the pool to cool off I started cutting. Needed to move from my studio to the kitchen bench as that much cutting needed a high perch for my height. Bending over a cutting mat when you are 5’9″ can be a bit stiff after awhile.

Oh the joy of all that colour and pattern!


























I deciced while cutting that I would document my travels with Arkansas Traveler, so over the next few days {weeks} I will put up the steps to cutting and sewing it together if you are interested in doing one too. It will be 40 blocks and I love the star shapes it creates in the negative spaces, alongside the coloured patches.

So 640 diamonds are cut, selvages bagged up for a rainy day, scrappy edge bits all ready for another ‘twisty’ project and my stash looks like it hasn’t even had a dent put into it! Woohoo!!!


























All my blocks have been divided up into workable colour groups, clipped together with binder clips and ready for sewing.

How is THAT for organisation {not always the way but mighty impressed with myself}!

Melissa, x

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