memory quilt

This has to be the most special quilt I have ever made. To me it embodies everything about what quilts are about. I cannot claim to know much about the history of quilts but to me my quilts are about love and comfort as much as colour and design.

This memory quilt is being made from a selection of a father’s shirts for his little boys. A memory to treasure forever for the whole family.

Here is a little glimpse at how this wonderful quilt is evolving. It is a beautiful journey…

I loved seeing these fabrics blowing in the breeze outside my studio. They have already taken on a new beginning…














Adding little details such as button holes and pockets has been an important element to this special quilt. It reminds us of what they were and adds a quirkiness to the quilt top. I can see these little boys slipping their hands into the pockets and playing with the buttons as they wrap themselves up in them.

Thank you my friend for entrusting this with me.



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  1. melanie says:

    this really is very very special….will look forward to seeing the finished quilts x

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