LolaJazz at their first market

I cannot contain how excited I am about the launch of LolaJazz at their first market. In only 5 short weeks I have managed to design & sew lots of beautiful fabric into creations that I love making. My ever increasing stash of fabric has grown and depleted to grow again with every new shipment. When the postie rings and delivers a new box I jump up and down with anticipation of seeing my new stash. I am sure those of you who are obsessed with fabric as I am, will know exactly what I mean….

So in honour of my first market, Little Red Market, hosted by LolaJazz I made a sign board that of course had to be made out of fabric!

If you look very closely in the background you will see our Lola, one of the inspirations for our shop name. A fluffy Australian Labradoodle. Jazz her brother is probably lazing about cooling himself on this rather balmy day in KL.



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  1. Melanie bayoud says:

    Oh my goodness, this is an adorable sign. Well done you!!! I’m so excited for little red market, it will be lovely to spend the day with like minded people.

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