colorbricks…emily’s first quilt

Last week my eldest Emily, decided to make her very first quilt. I am so so proud of her. I never once doubted her ability to do something like this. She has a natural talent at learning new things but I have to say this is definitely not her first sewing attempt…far from it. Is this where I boast that she has won an award for textiles at school and her coursework over the last 2 years has been gorgeous?

The colours are very Em and her love of all things musical are in there. She loves her Ukulele and guitar along with her piano. This gorgeous quilt will drape over her bed and be used to snuggle under when she is back in Melbourne next year for her last two years of high school. I personally love the green print with birds. The avalon design by Jay-Cyn.

I have to say I absolutely loved pinning the 3 layers together with her. We sat opposite each other chatting away while we pinned. It is everything that is special about making a quilt. I always love doing this bit with a friend whenever I can but doing it with my daughter was extra special (I’m sure you’ll understand that Sally).

























































Em has now finished her quilting and all there is to do is bind it all together. Love that bit too…Love all of it actually!

And what was Mummy doing while my Bernina was in use with Emily you may ask? Taking some time to clean my 4m long desk covered in fabric and organising my fabric into pretty colour bundles. A bit of tactile fabric bonding between myself and my lovely stash :)




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  1. Sally says:

    What lovely colors, very calming blues and greens. I understand completely…

  2. jane says:

    Super Em! Looks fabulous…..

  3. Mary says:

    Congratulations, the quilt looks lovely. Had a daughter making a quilt herself, it was a great moment!
    Mary (BYW2)

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