Almost quilted

Threading up my bobbins with pretty green thread got me thinking about how much quilting I was about to embark upon. I know you shouldn’t do the maths, but hey….so I have worked out 2520 inches, which is 64 metres and that is before I consider whether I do vertical rows as well. Heehee better get a wriggle on…















Oh dear my machine needs a little dust…anyhow…Ready set go….

















double dutch in 1930′s fabrics

This fabric is sooooo pretty to work with. The colours are gorgeous and fresh with your eye always looking out for the little details in design. I last worked with reproduction 1930′s fabrics when I had my little Laura in 2002. Her quilt was all handstitched with lots of love.

This little pretty is for another little girl, for her soon to be new single bed. Her mum and dad wanted something she could always have and not date. I had been dying to make Double Dutch from the book Quilts made Modern by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. So when Joanie and I started discussing fabrics and patterns it jumped right out at me. I have loved every minute of making this one.

I have said this before but I love pinning the three layers of my quilt together. It is so satisfying…why?

~ I get to admire the colourful fabrics as they are stretched out on my table all over again

~ I’m close to quilting

~ I love my colorful pins and the cute little tin I bought in Paris for them (they had yummy chocolate coated almonds that were shaped and coloured like real green olives) Yes I did buy the choclates knowing that the tin would one day hold my pins…sad I know!

~ basting a quilt is so calming and quietens my busy mind.

So here it is snuggly clamped down ready for pinning.

And finally all gathered up ready to be quilted. I haven’t yet decided on the colour of my thread but I think lots and lots of lines going down the length for this little one.

Do you enjoy the basting of your quilt or is it your least favourite part…I know for some friends it is.



memory quilt

This has to be the most special quilt I have ever made. To me it embodies everything about what quilts are about. I cannot claim to know much about the history of quilts but to me my quilts are about love and comfort as much as colour and design.

This memory quilt is being made from a selection of a father’s shirts for his little boys. A memory to treasure forever for the whole family.

Here is a little glimpse at how this wonderful quilt is evolving. It is a beautiful journey…

I loved seeing these fabrics blowing in the breeze outside my studio. They have already taken on a new beginning…














Adding little details such as button holes and pockets has been an important element to this special quilt. It reminds us of what they were and adds a quirkiness to the quilt top. I can see these little boys slipping their hands into the pockets and playing with the buttons as they wrap themselves up in them.

Thank you my friend for entrusting this with me.



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