Recently Kate and I launched our teepees on Etsy. We are very excited as orders are starting to roll in. So now some very serious sewing is happening as our stock is depleting. Have to be happy with that!printedteepee

If you are after a teepee for Christmas or a birthday hop over to our store via our link in our blog or straight to our Etsy site here.

We are also excited to announce that we have found some fabulous new fabric we can hopefuly source longterm for our printed door line so watch this space for the New Year. We only have one colour of each of our 2014 designs prior to Christmas and will be launched at Redhill market on 7th December.

All our teepees are sold online without poles due to postal restraints but we can organise for local pick ups if you are in Melbourne. All online orders are sold with detailed instructions on what to buy and how to set up. It’s quite easy really.



first market in Melbourne

It’s been awhile…

Having moved countries LolaJazz is going to be at The Makers Market held at Abbotsford Convent this Sunday 17th March from 10am-4pm. A slight change in my stall as I have joined forces with my little sister and we will be selling under ‘Kitsie Sue’.

Our teepees have had an update and will be on sale again. Along with adventure capes, wands, dancing rings and much more.

Hope to see my Melbourne friends there.

IMG_2746 IMG_2749




mini bunting tutorial

Bunting has been around forever. It personalises a child’s room, signifies a special occasion, adds colour to your garden.

Have you ever wanted to have a go yourself? Well here is a handstitched very simple bunting that you can whip up in no time.

You may have bought my calico mini bunting kits here or at one of my markets. If so follow the instructions below and before you know it you will be wanting to do more. If you don’t have a kit you can use odd scraps in your home and cut out 3.5″ triangles and sew them onto twill tape, bias binding, ribbon, ric rac….using the same process.


:: step 1

fold your twill tape in half lengthways to find your half way point. Centre your triangle at this mark by pinning it down, folding the top half of the tape over the edge of triangle. Now butt each triangle in either direction so they are evenly spread out along tape allowing for room at each end to tie up.

:: step 2

tie a knot in your perle thread and hide the knot inside the fold of the tape and start straight stitch attaching every triangle to your tape.


:: step 3

you are ready to decorate!

yes…you are finished. Now that was simple right?  These little bunting kit ideas came out of my pile of calico stash remains from my teepee fabric. It seemed such a terrible waste to discard it, yet the pile was quickly turning into a giant mound. What to do with all that scrap fabric? Ah ha…something simple and creative for a child or adult to do with no sewing machine. But I digress…decorating…

From here you can add fabric scrap lettering, sew on buttons, sequins or even do your own designs with fabric pastels or pens.

My little bunting turned into a merry christmas. My mum sent me a message telling me she wanted some for her veggie patch with pictures of carrots, beans and pumpkin, to add to her vintage sheet bunting. It helps keep the naughty birdies away. Maybe some might be landing in her Santa sack this Christmas.

If you want to do fabric letters check out step 4 below to see how.

:: step 4

you will need small scraps of colourful fabric, some fusible webbing, an iron and letters, which you can download here for the small 3.5″ bunting and here for the slightly larger 4.5″ bunting kit.

Trace the letters onto the back (the paper side) of your fusible webbing, making sure you space them out enough for ease of cutting. You need to reverse the letters at this stage, this is very important as otherwise you will have back to front fabric letters when you cut them out :)

Place little pieces of fabric over each letter (or just use one whole piece of fabric if you want to keep it simple). The wrong side of the fabric should be against the webbing. Carefully iron the right side of fabric, making sure the fusible webbing doesn’t get onto the base of your iron or else you’ll be in for a sticky mess.

Cut out around each letter and then peel the paper off the fabric. You can now place each letter onto your bunting to create your words.


And there you have it your own bunting hand stitched by you.

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